I’m working on software that helps creatives spread their creativity.

Fear. Distraction. Lack of purpose and clarity. Imposter’s syndrome. I have it all. Bad. But I still launch every single day. And I can help you do the same.


A complete fan management solution built on top of email marketing. It’s the easiest way for online creatives to convert half-interested lurkers into a community of superfans. And super customers.

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Just Freaking Launch

Consistent publishing is the key to blogging success. Or at least that’s what successful bloggers say. This site fixes inconsistent blogging.

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Fans get to view every article in real time as I’m writing it, typos and all.

Hacking MailChimp: Sending Daily Email Campaigns via Text Message

I’m on a quest to make my repeated tasks as easy as possible.

Ultramarathon: From 0 to 100 in 2 months.

13.1 miles is the farthest I’ve ever raced. But on September 23rd I will attempt the Flagstaff to Grand Canyon Stagecoach Line 100 Miler.

Live Articles


Elaborating on my favorite business ideas from the first chapter.

Keep it Simple

Making my life easier by no longer housing all of my software adventures on different domain names.

The Power of Smallness

Last year I had the worst existential crisis of my life. Since then I’ve had the coolest life ever.

Why I’m Quitting Social Media Entirely (and why that’s so hard to do)

This decision has eaten at me for months. I know that there is some quantifiable value that social media brings. But I’m finally pulling the plug anyway.

iA Writer as a CMS: Publishing directly from iA Writer to MySQL using PHP

This little hack, which took me about two hours to build, will save me hundreds of hours in the long run, and make me love writing instead of hating it.

Branding and Audience

Coming up with a set of rules for my personal site such that I’m always acting in the best interest of my brand, which should be a direct reflection of my values as a human.


A list of the books I’ve read or listened to during this long journey, along with my rating of the helpfulness of each.

Business Ideas

Coming up with a list of business ideas. I’ll take three or more of these and act upon them.


The introductory chapter of my "Success in Progress" book.

Making Space

Sometimes it sucks to rip the band-aid off. But whatever. I need to be willing to dump old projects, no matter how painful, if they aren’t furthering my goal.

Fear of Heights

The worst two hours of my life occurred this morning from 9:45am to 11:45am. This is unfortunately not an exaggeration or the lead-up to a joke.


A scratchpad of things that I want to keep track of but that haven’t yet made their way into any chapters.

Phone Addiction: 27 Signs You Might Have a Problem

At one point I thought that long list posts were cool. So this exists. It is actually kinda cool, though.

Unintentional: A Life Without Thought

A look at what life might look like, from birth to death, if there was no critical thinking and intention along the way.

Grow an Audience Using Zapier, Buffer and Twitter

A fun, fully-verifiable way to get users to Tweet something in exchange for access to a piece of content.

Jason Zook’s Future: The best investment I’ve ever made.

If you buy Jason Zook's future I promise you that within six months you will send me an email thanking me for talking you into it, blabbing emotionally about how it changed your business and your life and yada yada yada.

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