Join Team Patrick

Team Patrick is the most vain name I could think of, and SMS is the most invasive medium. That’s intentional. I’m here to provide personalized value to you, and I don’t feel like wasting that value on people who aren’t fully in.

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Do you think I can help you?

You’ll have my phone number. Text me whenever you want. Ask me anything. I’m here for you.

Do you struggle with accountability?

You have dreams. I’m going to send you (non-automated) text messages to make sure you’re chasing them and to make sure you’re thinking big enough. If you ignore me I’ll kick you off the team. Seriously.

Does exclusivity make you feel special?

1,000 True Fans is one of my favorite concepts. So I’m doubling down. This team is limited to 500 members. That’s the maximum number of people I feel comfortable maintaining a two-way relationship with. And I’m not interested in one-way relationships.

Do you want abbreviated updates?

Interested in a specific challenge? Get (optional) automated text messages when new updates are published. 50 words or less. Because not everybody has time to read 2,000 words per day.

Do you like perks?

At some point it might make sense to launch a private slack channel, give away my software for free, or offer other cool perks. These perks will only be available to teammates.

Do you want to help me?

I’m going to bend over backwards to provide you value, and I want your help in return. Maybe you have the answer to something I’m struggling with. Maybe you’re the perfect partner for my next project. Maybe your enthusiasm about my current challenge is just what I need to keep from quitting!

Super-duper important words.

Some text messages will be personal. Others will be automated. There is not a premium charge for any of them but standard message and data rates may apply. Message frequency varies.

Reply STOP or STOP ALL at any time to stop receiving text messages. Or reply HELP to get help. Orrrrrr reply anything else and I’ll read it with my own eyeballs. Fancy.

I’ll never text you before 10am or after 8pm in the timezone you have on file (which my fancy computer will guess, but you can change). The exception to this is if I’m personally replying to something you sent me. I’ll never call you without your prior consent.

I’ll never give your contact info to anyone (sell, trade, or otherwise) for any reason without your prior written consent. That would be uncool, and I’m also pretty sure it would be illegal. But maybe not. I don’t really know.

You agree not to give my contact info to anyone (sell, trade, or otherwise) for any reason without my prior written consent. Except for my domain name. You’re more than welcome to tell people about and how to join this team and such.

I reserve the right to remove you from my list for any reason.