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I’d love to have you as a fan, but only if it makes sense for you. I want you to maximize your creativity and then launch it into the world, and I think I can genuinely help on both accounts, but I don't know you as well as you know yourself.

Here’s the form. Below is a list of perks. Make whatever decision you think is best. No hard feelings if you don’t sign up.

Here's what you get:

  1. An email from me every day at noon MT. Each email will be a maximum of 40 words, and will in some way help you to maximize your creativity. 40 words is the exact length of this bullet point, FYI.
  2. Exclusive access to my drafts. You get to read every post as it’s being written, before I publish it. There is no filtering involved. Why is this cool? Because you get to see just how ugly creativity looks behind the scenes, before it’s edited and formatted and polished.
  3. Access to me. Respond to my emails at any time and I’ll get back to you within a reasonable timeframe.
  4. Sick deals and early access on the software I develop and anything else I make. I launch a lot of stuff.

Why 40 Words? A few reasons.

  1. It provides the maximum value for the minimum cost to you. You’re (probably) busy. If I can deliver 60% of the value to you in 3% of the reading time, that seems like a win to me.
  2. It’s something I’m willing to do. I’ve tried the traditional email approach of sending a lengthy email once per week. I can’t do it. I fizzle out and give up. These short emails are fun to write and don’t take away too much time from my software development, so I have no reason to get frustrated and quit writing them. Health coaches will tell you that the best diet is the one you’re willing to stick with. Business is no different.
  3. I almost never read long emails. Seriously, I just archive them and hope they’re not important. Short emails may not be better, but they're truer to who I am. I refuse to write something that I wouldn’t be excited to read.
  4. Production and consumption are not things that I can manage at the same time. I’ve unsubscribed from several email lists that I enjoyed because I felt that they were imposing on my ability to get stuff done. I want to make sure that these email are so short that they don’t take away from your ability to be productive. Otherwise I’d feel like a hypocrite.